Fifa Online 2 Versus League

General Rules

Posted Wed May 02, 2012 - 04:21 PM

1. Please be civil to each other.
2. Please behave in a sportsmanlike manner.
3. Fighting on the blassi forums is forbidden - first offense results in a suspension from the current season, second offense results in expulsion from the league.
4. One team per person and per season. No exceptions.

League Rules

Posted Wed May 02, 2012 - 04:21 PM

1. All games last 90 minutes. The result at the end of 90 minutes is the only result that will count towards your league standing. Extra-time and penalties do not count toward your league results.
2. A win will count as 3 points, a draw 1 point, and a loss 0 points.
3. All games must be certified with a screenshot of the result before they can be updated in the table.
4. All rescheduling of games must be handled by the teams in question, the league administrators will only approve the agreed date between the players, its your job to find a suitable new date within seven days (one week) of the scheduled date to replay the match.
5. All goals scored add towards and goals conceded subtract from your goal difference. Goalscorers only count if you provide a screenshot of the goalscorers in question for that match, otherwise the goals count for the final result, but they don't count for the player in question total. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo scores in your match. If you don't have a screenshot of the end of the match showing he scored, he won't get the goal counted.
6. In the case of a tie in the league table, the goal difference decides.
7. Games missed with no notification or effort to reschedule will result in a forfeit, a 3-0 win for your opponent (those default-goals aren't counting to "GF" in the table), and 3 points will be added to his total.
8. You may play your game prior to its scheduled date but the result must be posted on the day your match is scheduled. You can't play after the scheduled date limit (every Sunday) unless you contact the administrator for your division with a good reason and reschedule the game with your opponent.
9. The home team invites (this is the team that is shown in the left column of your schedule.)
10. A team may exit the season while it is underway and stay in the league. However, all games not played will be considered forfeit. If you decide to return your team will continue from the current date on the schedule. The forfeits cannot be removed from your results.
11. When someone Disconnects from the match no matter the time left on the clock, the players have the right to ask for a rematch to play those minutes left. So for example, lets say BlasphemyX plays ADRossi and Rossi disconnects at minute 67' with a score of (Blas)3-1(Rossi). Then Rossi has the right to ask for a rematch to play the 23 minutes left, and then the result of those 23 minutes will be added to the 3-1 from the first match.
12- After a forfeited week, the player is banned for the rest of the season, with the possibility to join in the season after.
13- Direct red cards result in a 2 match suspension for that player, and 2 yellows - red card results in 1 match suspension. Getting 3 yellow cards in 3 different matches give you 1 match suspension. If one of your players is suspended, in the matches during his suspension a printscreen will be needed to prove he wasn't playing.

Inmatch Rules

Posted Wed May 02, 2012 - 04:20 PM

1- No Long Shots from over 4 lines back (Urban Arena) ;
2- If a Goalkeeper rushes to you outside box Longs shots even if over 4 lines back are allowed;
3- No Wing Plays/i.e side dribblings (cuttin on the edge of the box or crossing are acceptable);
4- No Direct Free Kicks within 25 meters, unless you were slide tackled;
5- No automatical Freekicks;
6- No Throw Ins into Penalty Area;
7- Every match has to be played on the field "Urban Arena" (less laggs);
8- Every match has to be set for 10 mins length;
9- Any type of boosts are only allowed for normal players.


Posted Tue May 01, 2012 - 12:05 PM


- Each division has 16 players, which brings it to a total of 30 matches per division in a season ;
- The players have a full week (Monday-Sunday) to play their 10 league matches.


- 16 teams;
- 4 groups of 4;
- First 2 go to the next round;
- 8 teams, 2 matches (home and away), 4 go to the next round;
- 4 teams, 2 matches (home and away), 2 go to the final
- 2 teams, 1 match


1st Week:

Monday - League Fixture 1 & 2
Tuesday - League Fixture 3 & 4
Wednesday - League Fixture 5 & 6
Thursday - League Fixture 7 & 8
Friday - League Fixture 9 & 10
Saturday - Cup Match - Group Stage (4 groups of 4, 4 matches)
Sunday - Rest/Catch Up with any match left from this week

2nd Week:

Monday - League Fixture 11 & 12
Tuesday - League Fixture 13 % 14
Wednesday - League Fixture 15 & 16
Thursday - League Fixture 17 & 18
Friday - League Fixture 19 & 20
Saturday - Cup Match - Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals
Sunday - Rest/Catch Up with any match left from this week

3rd Week:

Monday - League Fixture 21 & 22
Tuesday - League Fixture 23 & 24
Wednesday - League Fixture 25 & 26
Thursday - League Fixture 27 & 28
Friday - League Fixture 29 & 30
Saturday - Cup Match - Final
Sunday - Rest/Catch Up with any match left from this week

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